Our Story

Bringing Fun, Flavor and Special Moments to Your Table

Whether sharing a delicious meal, entertaining friends and family or adding some unexpected fun into special moments, our mission is to help bring fun and flavor to our customers’ lives.

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Our People Are Our Culture

The core values Arthur and Henry Bell established nearly a century ago still hold true today.

Family First

We treat each other like family, because we are family. This means being flexible enough to support the needs and commitments of those around us.

Continuous Learning

Curiosity runs deep at Bell-Carter Foods. We value systematic problem solving, experimentation, and good old-fashioned hard work. And we know that learning comes from experience as well as new perspectives.

Being of Service

The desire to serve others is in our DNA. We’ll do everything we can to please our loyal customers, and continually strive to delight new ones.

Respect & Teamwork

We approach all operations and relationships collaboratively—with passion, openness and honesty. These values, when extended across the supply chain, are the surest way to ensure the best quality product.

We're all aboutFun & flavor

“So much of peoples’ lives revolve around food, and we want our products to help create meals full of fun & flavor”

Tim T. Carter
CEO of Bell-Carter Foods

Family Operated.
California Grown.

Our consistent high standards have attracted a loyal and dedicated workforce that’s always striving to create a better company while having fun along the way. We understand that our business is about much more than just a can of olives or jar of peppers. We know that you need to count on us to give you a delicious and superior product, every time.

Although we’ve grown in size, we are still a family run business. Our roots run deep in the way we care about our employees, the community that supports us, our precious environment, and the olive trees and pepper plants that our growers harvest. And just like the fabled olive tree, we believe in taking our time as we grow to ensure we never lose sight of our values.

Through the Lindsay brand name, our mission at Bell-Carter Foods is to share our enthusiasm and passion for these wonderfully versatile foods with you.

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Our History

For more than 100 years, Bell-Carter has been bringing fun and flavor to America’s kitchen table. With a full line of domestic and imported olives and specialty condiments, Bell-Carter offers a wide variety of flavors perfect for family-favorite recipes and new culinary adventures. The fourth generation, family-run company processes well over half of all California olives sold in the nation and has deep roots in California’s environmental and agricultural industry.


Brothers Arthur and Henry Bell purchased a small olive grove in Orange Cove, California, just south of Fresno. For the next 18 years, they harvested and sold olives to various olive processors in central California.


Arthur Bell moved to Berkeley, where he started a packing operation. Henry continued to tend the groves in Orange Cove and shipped olives to his brother. The 2 then expanded into canning, distributing and marketing their own olives under the Bell's brand name.

Bell's introduced the canned, chopped olive, which became widely used (they were featured as the "islands" in Thousand Island salad dressing). Arthur Bell co-developed the "pitter-chopper,” a machine that removed pits and chopped olives at the same time, an automated process that would soon become an industry standard.


The Company’s 12 employees were packing 7,000 cases of olives annually. That year, Arthur's stepson, Daniel S. Carter, joined the Company to oversee the processing and canning operation. Arthur was then able to expand his sales routes to metropolitan areas nationwide, dramatically increasing sales. By the end of the decade, Bell’s had become a powerful force in the national olive market.


Dan Carter returned from the Navy. The Company saw continued growth and was renamed Bell-Carter Olive Company.

1950s and 1960s

The olive market expanded into grocery stores, delicatessens and supermarkets, and Bell-Carter diversified its product line for the store shelf and restaurant kitchen. Sliced olives were introduced to the home, restaurant and burgeoning pizza industry. In 1964, the third generation of the family joined the business with the entry of Dan's sons, Tim and Jud Carter.


Tim and Jud Carter moved up to leadership positions and accelerated the Company's physical expansion, distribution network and increased sales to record levels. In 1978, the Company purchased the Maywood Olive Company in Corning, California.


Operations in Berkeley are moved to the newly renovated Maywood Olive Company in Corning, California.


Bell-Carter acquired the operating assets of Olives, Inc. and started a company in Modesto, California dedicated to specialty food packaging. The Company purchased the Lindsay olive brand, which is the most widely recognized olive brand in the United States.

In 1993, Bell-Carter began selling and marketing imported olive products and related items. In 1999, it acquired the assets of the Oberti Olive Co. from Tri Valley Growers.

2010 and Beyond

The Company opened a second packaging operation facility in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2012, Tim T. Carter takes over as CEO.