An Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Bell-Carter Foods has had deep roots in the global olive industry since 1912. To us, sustainability has always been a guiding principle of our business, and it’s what will enable us to continue providing the highest quality olive products for the next 100 years.

Working Toward Zero Waste

Bell-Carter Foods has mastered the art of curing and processing olives to ensure the best taste and highest quality. We reuse our by-products and processing water to power the grid and feed the soil, and take active measures to reduce our water consumption.

Powering the Grid

We send our pits, culls & other natural by-products to an off-site facility for energy cogeneration. This process captures the natural energy and feeds it back into the electrical grid (enough to power 1800+ homes/year).

Feeding the Soil

All nutrients from our processing water treatment system are broken down naturally. This helps support the creation of mulch and other high-grade soil amendments.

Reducing our Water Consumption

Through a recent redesign at our primary processing facility, we have reduced our water consumption by over 50 million gallons annually—as much as 1,522 American’s use each year.

Our 5-Year Carbon Footprint

We‘ve reduced our 5-year carbon footprint by 33%, which is equal to:

  • 2,206 fewer cars on the road annually
  • 1,187,220 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 1,457 homes powered per year
  • 10,590 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year