California Transparency Act

Bell-Carter Foods, Inc.’s consistently high standards have attracted a loyal and dedicated workforce that's always striving to create a better company. Our roots run deep and wide in the way we care about our employees, the community that supports us, our precious environment and the olive trees that our growers harvest. 

To that end, we strive to utilize a supply chain that reflects Bell-Carter’s values and respect for the environment and human rights, including issues such as human trafficking and slavery. We have initiated a verification process that will help us evaluate our product supply chains to address risks of human trafficking and slavery and compliance with our goals by conducting audits.

We request our direct suppliers certify that the materials they incorporate into our products comply with all laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries in which they are doing business, and we provide our employees and management with direct responsibility for supply chain management training on human trafficking and slavery. Finally, employees or contractors failing to meet company standards regarding slavery and trafficking are asked to account for their actions. 

Verification of Product Supply Chains to Evaluate and Address Risks of Human Trafficking and Slavery
We require our suppliers to provide written verification that they are doing business in an ethical manner.  In addition, we conduct annual audits of randomly selected suppliers to confirm they are adhering to our prohibition on using child or forced labor.

Bell Carter Conducts Audits of Suppliers
We internally conduct audits of our suppliers’ locations to confirm that they are adhering to our requirements regarding good workplace practices. 

Requires Direct Suppliers to Certify that they are Doing Business in an Ethical Manner
In addition to Bell Carter’s annual audits of randomly selected suppliers, we require all suppliers to sign verifications to confirm they are doing business in an ethical manner.

Bell Carter Accountability
Bell Carter has a zero tolerance for employees and any suppliers that are not operating in an ethical manner. We maintain and confirm this by our yearly audits.

Bell Carter Provides Training
We provide training to our employees and management (e.g., Director of Supply Chain, Purchasing Team Leader and Import Coordinator) that have direct responsibility for supply chain about Human Trafficking and Slavery. We have done extensive research and training on all our International suppliers in order to maintain proper and ethical supply channels.