Our 5 Bite-Size Moment Contest Winners, And Why We Chose Them

Our 5 Bite-Size Moment Contest Winners, And Why We Chose Them

Our lives are made up of many individual moments, and sometimes you’ve got to pay attention so the special ones don’t pass you by without recognizing them. Over the past 100 years, we’ve built our business to help people increase the quality and quantity of these moments. It’s why we work so hard to continually develop new products and recipes, and collaborate with food and lifestyle experts to bring you new and exciting entertaining ideas and tips for living a longer, healthier life.

We don’t just want people buying our products, we want to make it so that every bite helps create more of these special moments for you. That’s the reason we wake up and come to work every morning.

We recently asked our fans to share their own moments of fun, and partnered with the amazing artists at Last Lemon to bring them to life. We love Ralph & Lisa’s whimsical, clever illustrations because they celebrate the magic found in everyday living.

This contest was a way to kick off our 100-year celebration with you, our friends and fans. We’re looking forward to the next hundred years in business with as much excitement as the first, and hope you’ll stay by our side as life’s moments continue to make us smile. Let’s remember, together, to make every moment—and every bite—count.

And Now...The Winners!

Here are our 5 contest winners, and why we chose them:

Lemony Gibson

#BiteSizeMoment #21: Being the Life of the Party

Submitted by Arthur O. via Facebook

There’s nothing like celebrating with friends or family and feeling like you’re free to be your true “you” without worrying what anyone else thinks—because they’ll love you just the same.

Trattoria Toothpicks

#BiteSizeMoment #41: Wearing Fancy Hats

Submitted by Cheryl V., MO

We love the idea of taking simple measures to elevate the everyday. This reminds us that we’re never far away from making a moment just a little more fun…or from making something ordinary a little more extraordinary.

Green Olive and Rosemary Flatbread

#BiteSizeMoment #76: Singing Opera in the Shower

Submitted by Michael P., NY

Maybe you’re home alone, maybe it makes your kids giggle. Either way, this moment celebrates the freedom of unabashed fun and letting go of inhibitions. On the other hand, maybe you’re just really good.

Green Olive and Rosemary Flatbread

#BiteSizeMoment #28: Watching Scary Movies With My Mom

Submitted by Charity S. via Facebook

Why is it that scary movies are so much fun? And they’re especially fun when you’re on the edge of your seat next to someone you love.

Green Olive and Rosemary Flatbread

#BiteSizeMoment #56: Having Two Slices of Pie

Submitted by George J., NY

We believe in healthy, balanced living, and understand that part of this is to keep even the good habits in check. In other words, it’s OK to indulge once in a while. And it’s important to remember that when you do, don’t remind yourself that you’re being bad—just enjoy it!

Check out the winners gallery to see all 100 finalists here. And thanks to everyone for all the great submissions. You made us smile.

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