Harissa Infused Blends: Pairing Guide

Harissa Infused Blends: Pairing Guide

Article by Kate McMillan, cookbook author and Lindsay flavor ambassador.


Harissa is a common North African spice blend that includes roasted red peppers, serranos and garlic. This smoky and spicy condiment is used to liven up a wide variety of native African dishes, and is served up at nearly every meal.


Our Harissa infused olives pack a powerful flavor punch. They are delicious on their own or as an addition to many dishes. Try adding them to eggs baked in tomato sauce, or serve them tapenade-style with roasted lamb or chicken.


Drink Pairings:

We’ll need a wine that can hold its own with these feisty olives loaded with heat! A Zinfandel is perfect for the Harissa olive, as the sweet fruit of this grape will tame (but not overpower) the spice while still allowing its big flavors to shine through.


Cheese Pairings:

Big fiery peppers often work well with salty accompaniments, as the flavors can stand on their own without challenging each other. Try a feta, grilled halloumi or queso fresco for the perfect salty bite to enhance the heat of these Harissa olives.

Make it a Party:

Serve these olives with a variety of appetizers that won’t compete with the intense flavors of the African spice blend. The smoky and sweet combination of candied bacon will pair beautifully. Just slightly spicy mango salsa with plantain chips for dipping will provide a cooling effect and help to release the flavors of the Harissa as well as the Zinfandel.


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