Must-Make Recipe: Black Olive & Tuna Salad

Utah-based blogger Becky Rosenthal describes her site, The Vintage Mixer, as harkening back to a time when “folks cooked with what was fresh and used real ingredients.” This week, she’s our featured guest blogger, telling us about her new favorite Must-Make Recipe: Black Olive and Tuna Salad.

Get the recipe here, then read why Becky thinks this is a Must-Make Recipe for summer:

“Black Olive and Tuna Salad is perfect for picnic sandwiches, a light salad on top of fresh greens, or a well-rounded desk lunch. Using top-quality tuna and olives, this recipe makes a satisfying meal. By adding a few top-notch ingredients, tuna salad gets an elevated twist.

This easy recipe can be adapted to whatever ingredients you have on hand. I mixed in chopped black olives, red onion, and capers for more robust flavors.

If you prefer a creamier tuna salad, you can use 2 to 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise instead of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.”

To see more of Becky’s beautiful photography and homespun recipe ideas, be sure to visit The Vintage Mixer.

Category: Seasonal Recipes