Must-Make Recipe: Pasta Salad with Olives & Feta

Stephanie Stiavetti, who blogs at The Culinary Life, knows a lot about delicious pasta. She’s the author of Melt: the Art of Macaroni and Cheese, a book that celebrates this classic comfort food.

In summertime, it might be a little hot to bake a big pan of mac and cheese, but Stephanie’s found a way to add cheese to pasta (along with a few other delicious ingredients) to create a new Must-Make Recipe: Chicken, Kalamata, and Feta Pasta Salad.

Get the recipe here, then read why Stephanie thinks it’s a Must-Make Recipe for summer:

Someday I would like to visit Greece. I’m captivated by all I’ve read about its culture, its history, and of course, its food! Until I’m able to cross the pond, I’ll have to settle for a culinary “staycation” while nibbling on all the lovely things I’ll likely stuff myself with when I finally set foot on Greek soil. Namely dolmas, souvlaki, fresh feta, and my favorite single-bite snack ever: Kalamata olives.

This gorgeously decadent pasta salad is both light and hearty, a perfect summer dish that takes only minutes to prepare. It’s a wonderful balance flavors: salty feta, earthy pine nuts, savory chicken, bright basil, sweet-tart balsamic, and of course, the briney bitterness of olives.

This is a Must-Make Recipe for many reasons, number one being the olives. Kalamata olives have such a satisfying flavor and I. Can’t. Stop Eating. Them. Lindsay Kalamata olives are particularly easy to snack on. I often stash a few extra jars in my cupboard for company, though I’ve been known to eat them all on my own long before my visitors arrive. In fact, I need to add them to my shopping list right now!

To see more of Stephanie’s beautiful photos and tempting meal ideas, be sure to visit The Culinary Life.


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