Must-Make Recipe: Traditional Tapenade

Guest blogger Trevor Kensey, the author and photographer behind the award-winning Sis. Boom. Blog!, tells us how Tapenade — the traditional Mediterranean olive spread — is the perfect addition to your party-planning arsenal. In short: it’s simple to make from pantry staples, and your guests will be impressed with your savory savoir-faireGet the recipe here, then read on for Trevor’s take..

“I’m never without a can (or six) of olives in my pantry. The sole reason for this olive hoarding is so I can make a batch (or three) of tapenade at a moment’s notice. This Mediterranean dish can’t be any easier to make and yet when I put a bowl of tapenade out on the appetizer table, it never fails to get a ton of compliments.

Feel free to customize tapenade to your taste and pantry. If the traditional anchovy paste scares you, leave it out (though I wish you woudn’t). If you don’t have any oregano on hand, use whatever herbs you like — it will always taste fantastic. For spicier taste, add more pepper sauce, some red chile powder, or cayenne pepper. Add an international twist with a small dash of curry powder, quatre-épices, or even ras el hanout.

Although tapenade is typically served as a spread for bread and toasts, you’re missing out on its full transformative superpowers if that’s where you stop. Try spreading some tapenade inside a grilled cheese sandwich before toasting, or adding a generous spoonful to your favorite simple salad dressing. Or just see what happens when you tuck some under the skin of a chicken before you roast it. Go ahead, I dare you!”

For more culinary wit and wisdom from Trevor, visit his site: Sis. Boom. Blog!

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