New Year, New Flavor: Upgrade Recipes with Lindsay in 2021

New Year, New Flavor: Upgrade Recipes with Lindsay in 2021

There’s no better time to renew your recipe round-up than in the new year! Start exploring new flavor combinations with all things Lindsay and learn how olives can elevate your pantry meals in just a few steps.

Why reach for Lindsay? Because adding Organic Kalamata Olives to your red sauce gives these Greek Meatballs a delicious twist that’s both healthy and Keto-friendly! Not only do the olives complement the roasted vegetables and protein, they also add great Mediterranean flavor.

Rich, warm spices and a meaty aroma are just a few things to love about this Cuban-inspired beef stew, but the finishing flavor from the Lindsay Organic Green Olives is what truly enhances this dish! Our Ropa Vieja takes you on a tasty journey from the comfort of your dinner table, combining the classic olive palate with bright seasonings that round out a fantastic, international plate.

Last but not least, olives can even upgrade your dessert menu thanks to their naturally nutty notes. That’s right, we’re introducing you to an iconic Portuguese treat that marries savory and sweet in these Sweet Lemon and Black Olive Cookies! Fun for an afternoon nibble or post-dinner delight, these sweets give you a whole new way to enjoy your favorite olives.

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