Sesame Soy Infused Blends: Pairing Guide

Sesame Soy Infused Blends: Pairing Guide

Article by Kate McMillan, cookbook author and Lindsay flavor ambassador.


Two familiar but powerhouse Asian ingredients, soy and sesame, infuse a unique — and dare we say addictive — taste to these olives.

Flavors are perfectly balanced for a salty Asian flair with a small kick of heat followed by an incredible zesty lemony finish. These olives are mild enough to work beautifully with grilled fish, or on a flatbread with roasted vegetables.


Drink Pairings:

Because soy sauce has an umami-rich quality, high acidity wines will work best with these infused olives. For a knockout pairing with an extra touch of class, serve with a sparkling rosé.


Cheese Pairings:

With such big, savory flavors in these olives, we’d recommend pairing with mild cheeses. A fresh burrata or ricotta will work beautifully, especially with some of the olive juice drizzled on top and toast points on the side.

Make it a Party:

Asian flavors lend themselves well to small bites and are always a huge crowd pleaser. A selection of Asian appetizers are known as a Pu Pu Platter. Keep it easy and order a few things from your favorite local Chinese restaurant such as potstickers, scallion pancakes and shrimp toasts.


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