Tastes Olive Around the World with Lindsay

Tastes Olive Around the World with Lindsay


We don’t have to travel far to experience cuisines from all around the world. International flavors can come to life through fresh ingredients and spices, transporting us to our dream vacation destinations from the comfort of our own kitchens. With recipes perfected by Lindsay, we invite you to try new and familiar tastes from all your favorite places around the world.

Start your global food tour with a Traditional Tapenade, the ultimate olive dish that will enhance any appetizer spread. This blend of green and black Lindsay Olives provides a decadent savory, salty taste and is best served with crunchy bread or crostini.

The next course in your global-inspired meal brings you to Italy with an Olive and Cherry Tomato Panzanella Salad. A mix of delicious textures come to life in this traditional Tuscan salad which combines crusty Italian bread with Lindsay Green Olives, cherry tomatoes, feta and a generous helping of olive oil. Don’t be shy – pour it in and enjoy!

A hearty dish that will satisfy everyone’s cravings on your food tour is this Saffron Sausage Paella. The savory, saltiness of Lindsay Black Ripe Olives is complemented by the flavorful Spanish rice and sausage. We’d be surprised if you have any leftovers here!

For another easy dinner recipe that will feed your whole table, try these Chicken and Olive Enchiladas. This Mexican comfort-food dish brings traditional flavors together in a delicious, cheesy meal that will have everyone digging in for more.

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