Thai Green Curry Infused Blends: Pairing Guide

Thai Green Curry Infused Blends: Pairing Guide

Article by Kate McMillan, cookbook author and Lindsay flavor ambassador.


In the kitchen, curry simply refers to a spice blend, but there are endless varieties ranging in color, spiciness and country of origin. Southeast Asian curries have an incredible depth of flavor, and green curry is no exception — developing its deep rich flavor from a combination of chilies, lemongrass, shrimp paste and various spices. These bold ingredients combine to make a seriously savory olive.


Our Thai Green Curry infused blends are fragrant and flavorful with a side of some serious heat. Try these olives mixed into soba noodles with stir-fried tofu or chopped and stirred into rice for a tasty side dish.


Drink Pairings:

Because of their wonderfully salty nature, Thai Green Curry infused olives are perfectly accompanied by a cold and refreshing beverage. A dry (not sweet) German Riesling is a perfect choice and can even be made into a spritzer by adding club soda and a lime twist. But to be honest, the best choice just might be a galvanized tub filled with ice and Thai Singha beers consumed straight out of the bottle!


Cheese Pairings:

With so many complex flavors in a curry, your best bet is to choose cheeses that are more subtle in taste and texture. Creamy brie and a hard aged goat cheese served at room temperature are the perfect cheeses to let these delicious olives shine.

Make it a Party:

Summertime parties drinking beers in the backyard call for festive non-fussy appetizers. Great choices to accompany the Thai Green Curry olives are chicken satay with peanut sauce, crisp cool cucumber slices dipped in rice wine vinegar and big bowl of salty potato chips.


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