Savory Olive Margarita

Savory Olive Margarita

  • prep
  • 1 servings


  • ½ tablespoon coarse salt

  • Lime wedge

  • 2 Lindsay Queen Olives Stuffed with Pimiento for muddling

  • 2 ounces añejo tequila

  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice

  • ½ ounce Lindsay Queen Olives Stuffed with Pimiento brine

  • ½ ounce chartreuse liqueur

  • Lime slice for garnish

Cooking Directions

  1. Start by prepping your glass. Place salt in a small dish, run lime wedge around edge of glass, and dip glass edge into the salt to coat. Set aside.In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, add two olives and muddle thoroughly. Add ice, then tequila, lime juice, olive brine, and chartreuse. Shake thoroughly until chilled. Strain into prepped glass. Garnish with olives and lime slice.