Mediterranean Diet: Poultry & Dairy

At the bottom of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, we find all of the things we need to find ways to maximize in our lives: physical activity, sharing meals with friends and family, and meals high in vegetables, grains, and seafood. As we climb closer to the top, we start to see the areas where moderation is key.

The second-from-the-top layer focuses on a set of protein-rich foods: poultry, eggs, and dairy. The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes moderate portions, anywhere from once a day to once a week, for optimal health.

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love these foods: there’s a reason why we call roast chicken and mac-and-cheese comfort foods! By following the other Mediterranean Diet principles, we can help these flavorful foods work harder. Try grilling chicken skewers and serving them on a leafy green salad, or choosing whole-grain pasta for your favorite cheesy casserole.

Wine is another favorite where moderation is key. Studies have found that one or two glasses with a meal has substantial health benefits. But we’ve all learned the hard way that overconsumption can lead to poor sleep, dehydration, and other symptoms that can take the shine off the next day’s plans.

Here are some of our favorite recipes to help you incorporate moderate portions of poultry, eggs, and cheese in your weekly diet

Tapenade-Roasted Chicken

Chicken Tagine

Chicken, Kalamata, and Feta Pasta Salad

Olive, Goat Cheese, and Roasted Red Pepper Omelet

Pepper and Provolone Panini

Easy Spanish Tortilla

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