Happy National Olive Day!

Happy National Olive Day!

National Olive Day (June 1st) is one of our favorite days of the year because we get to celebrate the humble, yet mighty olive!

Did you know that the olive tree came into existence nearly 8,000 years ago? It’s true! Known as an ancient symbol of abundance, glory and peace, it is one of the oldest cultivated trees in the world – grown before written language was even developed!

8,000 years later, whether it’s dirtying up a martini, generously topping a pizza or being eaten right out of the jar with your fingers – no judgment! – there are countless ways to enjoy and celebrate the small, yet mighty olive!

Here are a few creative and delicious recipes featuring Lindsay Olives that you can share with friends and family to honor the legendary fruit on National Olive Day and beyond.


Olive and Cherry Tomato Panzanella

Toss tangy Lindsay Organic Green Olives with sundried tomatoes, bell peppers and homemade croutons for a salty-kick to a summery Panzanella Salad that’s perfect for a backyard picnic!


Savory Jalapeño-Olive Margarita

Combine tequila, lime and muddled Lindsay Jalapeno Queen Olives for this bartender-worthy marg. Kick up the flavor factor by adding olive brine!


Keto-Friendly Olive-Cheese Corn Bread

Spoon mild & nutty Lindsay Black Ripe Olives and tart & zesty Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with Pimiento into the batter of your keto-friendly corn bread before topping with cheese, more olives and scallions. With baking on the rise, this tasty and colorful corn bread certainly won’t disappoint.

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