Spice Up a Party: Cajun Martini

Trevor Kensey, the author and photographer behind the award-winning Sis. Boom. Blog!, is back for another guest post. This time, he tells us how to add some fun and flavor to any party with the Ragin’ Cajun Martini. It’s a great choice for a signature cocktail for a Louisiana-inspired soirée—perhaps alongside some muffulettas or some creole olive slawGet the recipe here, then read on for Trevor’s take.

“I have some good friends for whom spicy food is something of a religion. One look at the hot sauce section at the supermarket and I can see they are not alone in this devotion! What’s more, these friends take great delight in pushing the limits of my pepper tolerance whenever I am invited over for one of their signature hot-and-spicy dinner parties.

To my great surprise, they had never offered me any picante cocktails at these fiery feasts. At their next get-together, I took matters into my own hands and brought over this Cajun-inspired libation. With its mixture of hot, sweet, cold, and tangy flavors and its abundant garnish it is certain to define any party. (Are you even allowed to have a party these days without a signature cocktail?)

Pepper-infused vodka, Louisiana hot sauce, jalapeño olive brine, and a splash of lemon juice all come together to give this unique cocktail its spicy kick. But it’s the colorful garnish that turns this drink into a full-fledged Cajun fête.”

For more culinary wit and wisdom from Trevor, visit his site: Sis. Boom. Blog!