Introducing Lindsay Crafted

Introducing Lindsay Crafted


Crafting the perfect olive is no easy feat. Mother Nature has a hand in creating them, but Lindsay brings the craft – a combination of curing and caring. Our newest line of olives is no exception! Introducing Lindsay Crafted, olives made with no artificial colors or flavors and 100% delicious. This month we’re celebrating with a selection of revamped recipes all featuring these authentic and irresistible olives. Let’s get cooking!


Crafted Black Ripe Olives are made with three simple ingredients: olives, sea salt, water… and nothing else. That means the flavor in each bite is all its own, so when your One Pot Lemon Chicken Fettucine needs a finishing touch you know exactly what to reach for.


Crafted Green Ripe Pitted Olives are irresistible as a standalone snack, but they’re delicious in your breakfast too! Combined with fresh asparagus and garlic, these olives get simmered slowly in a cream sauce before being baked on high heat. If you weren’t a morning person already, this Green Olive and Asparagus Baked Egg Gratin will be the dish that changes that.

Now for the best part – Crafted Black Ripe and Green Ripe Pitted Olives together on one Antipasto Skewer! Make sure your pantry is stocked this month because you’ll need both varieties to prepare this easy-to-make, finger-friendly appetizer that is loaded with your favorite nutty, savory and salty flavors.

Whether you’re adding them to pasta plates, snacking platters or enjoying them on their own, you will love the flavor Lindsay Crafted brings to your dishes. Thanks to their unmatched quality and taste, these olives meet the Lindsay Gold Standard every time, so dive in and explore the flavors of Crafted!


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