None of the Tricks and Olive the Treats

None of the Tricks and Olive the Treats


In the season of snacking on brains and witches brew, Lindsay has something else on the menu! Whether it’s a Halloween party or just a spooky addition to your weekly eats, we’ve got you covered. Trick-or-treat yourself to these delicious recipes that would satisfy even the hungriest of ghouls.


All eyes will be on the Halloween spread when these Monster Keto Deviled Egg Eyes make an appearance! Made with Lindsay Sliced Black Ripe Olives, they’re low in carbs and high in deliciousness.

What has eight legs and seven layers of goodness? Our Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip of course! Made with Lindsay Black Ripe Olives, it’s the perfect snack for all the hungry boys and ghouls in your life.

Whether served in a glass or a cauldron, this spooky twist on a classic cocktail won’t disappoint. Garnished with Lindsay Sliced Black Ripe Olives and Cocktail Onions, our Bloody Boulevardier is oozing with flavor. It’s what’s brewing this Halloween!

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