Back to School Hack: One Lunchbox, Three Ways

Back to School Hack: One Lunchbox, Three Ways

We all love the idea of making delicious, healthy lunches for our families every day, but... yeah, that's just not going to happen. Finding something everyone enjoys seems practically impossible. But we think we’ve found a solution — one lunch, three ways. Prepare the same basic lunch, but swap out a couple of ingredients to make lunchboxes everyone will enjoy — or at least a lunchbox no one will complain about ;-).

Sandwich: Almond Butter & Jelly

Our CEO Tim wanted his kids to grow up eating almond butter, but he couldn’t find one that was smooth and fluffy enough to satisfy his kids’ tastes. So we decided to make our own! Creamy, crunchy or honey cinnamon flavors — all three are as smooth and creamy as your favorite peanut butter. And with no stirring, this almond butter is perfect right out of the jar.

Little kids: Make a creamy almond butter & jelly sandwich on white bread. Just use cookie cutters to make fun shapes!
Big kids: Keep it simple — Crunchy Almond Butter & jelly sandwich on wheat bread.
Adult:Try our delicious Honey Cinnamon Almond Butter with jelly on a nice artisan bread.


Pasta Salad

All: We’re keeping this part super simple. Everyone can enjoy a small side of this Herbed Olive and Double Tomato Pasta Salad. Kids don’t like tomatoes? Add ‘em in at the end! No dairy? Take the cheese out! Not everything needs to be complicated.



Little kids: Pre-peel a mandarin orange and add a cute little toothpick note.
Big kids: Show your love with a tiny heart drawn in sharpie on a mandarin orange. It’s so subtle, their friends will never notice.
Adult: Add a regular ol’ mandarin orange.



Little kids: Toss your child’s favorite kind of string cheese in to add a little more protein.
Big kids: Babybel cheese snacks are a great step up from string cheese that your kids will love.
Adult: And… mini brie cups for the adults. It’s too bad they can’t be wrapped in puff pastry, right??



Little kids: Everyone deserves a treat. Finish up lunch with 1 or 2 fun kids cookies.
Big Kids: Chocolate and cream cookies never disappoint.
Adult: A small piece of dark chocolate can only be a force for good, we say.