Recipe Madness: Tournament Eats

Recipe Madness: Tournament Eats

It’s madness. How do we pick the perfect recipes for gathering around the tube to watch the frenzy of championship college hoops? Truthfully, we had no idea. So we held a recipe draft, and narrowed it down to the Final 6:

Red Pepper Cheddar Green Olive Dip

You wouldn’t think that a slam-dunk-easy appetizer made from pantry staples could add elegance to a basketball party, but that’s because you haven’t tried this one.

From Michelle @ The Complete Savorist

Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Bites

Do you feel pangs of guilt watching amazing athletes whilst eating pizza? Well, torture yourself no more. These healthier pizza bites are Paleo and Whole 30 compliant.

From Chelsea @ Gal on a Mission

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Game-Day Nachos

One of our most popular party recipes of all time — and for good reason. Once you’ve made nachos in a cast-iron skillet, you’ll never go back.

Hawaiian Pizza Bell Peppers

Clever and colorful, this low carb dish is like a Hawaiian pizza in a handsome (and edible) carrying case.

From Nichole @ Casa de Crews

Black Olives Sausage Cups

Warm and savory bite-size morsels of goodness topped with mozzarella, cilantro and sour cream… (He shoots, he scores!)

From Linda @ >Roti n Rice

Buffalo Wing Style Olive Dip

Fast, simple, spicy, and lusciously creamy — without the hassle of a deep fryer.

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