Thanksgiving Traditions: Started by you, Perfected by Lindsay

Thanksgiving Traditions: Started by you, Perfected by Lindsay


Whether you’re continuing old traditions or starting new ones, let Lindsay be your sous-chef this Thanksgiving! There’s always something to be thankful for when Lindsay is on the menu, so whip up these delicious recipes and watch your guests gobble them down.


Don’t toss those leftovers just yet! Transform your post-Thanksgiving feast into a Turkey Mediterranean Casserole with Black Ripe and Kalamata Olives, twice the olives for twice the rich and delicious flavor. This recipe is sure to keep your family stuffed long after the holiday has passed.

Set the scene for your tastiest Thanksgiving yet with this Corn and Green Bean Salad made with nutty Black Ripe Olives. Delicious enough to hit the spot, light enough to leave room for the main course.

Feast your eyes, and your stomach, on our Black Olive Potato Gratin.A new addition to your festive menu, this dish packs nutty notes of Black Ripe Olives to complement the garlic and cheese snuggled underneath a blanket of crispy potatoes. It’s so good, you will be going back for seconds…and thirds.

You’re sure to be crowned ‘host with the most’ when this Olive Stuffing makes an appearance. Sliced Black Ripe Olives perfect this super savory, Thanksgiving classic. And better yet, it is easy to make and even easier to enjoy.


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