The Day of And the Day After: Thanksgiving Recipes with Lindsay

The Day of And the Day After: Thanksgiving Recipes with Lindsay

You may have the main course picked out, but when it comes to appetizers, side dishes and delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, let Lindsay lead the way! With a little something for everyone, we’ve got the recipes you need to create a flavor-packed and family-friendly holiday dinner … along with a few ways to make the next day even tastier!

The only thing more impressive than this colorful festive side dish is the amount of time it takes to cook! Our Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Black Ripe Olives needs only 30 minutes of your evening and is vegetarian-friendly! Did we mention the nutty notes of the olives complement the squash perfectly?

Subtle, tangy and paired perfectly with a warm baguette, this Portuguese-inspired dish Green Olive Dip is just what everyone needs when they’re ready to start munching (but you need more time to get dinner ready!).

Bought too many sweet potatoes for your Thanksgiving casserole? Slice them into quarter-inch rounds and top with Lindsay Black Olive tapenade for a super sophisticated, but surprisingly easy, Sweet Potato Tapenade Crostini. Baked and bite-sized, these crostinis are great for next-day appetizers!

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