Don't Mess with Tex Mex

Don't Mess with Tex Mex

March 2nd marks Texas Independence Day, when Texans — in the Lone Star State or elsewhere — celebrate by flying the state flag and enjoying the region’s delicious food. The party commemorates the day in 1836 that Texas officially seceded from Mexico to become the Republic of Texas. And what better way to celebrate Texas’s Mexican roots than with a part of uniquely Tex-Mex treats? Here are some of our favorites:

A big pan of Chicken and Olive Enchiladas makes a family pleasing option, with tender chicken breast rolled into flour tortillas and topped with salsa and a layer of melted cheddar. The Layered Enchilada Stack takes a more traditional (and speedy) approach, simply layering corn tortillas with red chile sauce and cheese.

Easy Chicken Tacos start out with store-bought shells, filling them with roast chicken, Mexican cheese, and ripe avocado. It may be a little chilly yet to break out the barbecue, but you could make Easy Grilled Fish Tacos under the broiler any time of the year. To make Beef Soft Tacos, fill soft flour tortillas with spiced ground meat perked up with Manzanilla olives, chipotle chiles, and taco seasoning.

There’s hardly any simpler snack than a good old quesadilla, Mexico’s answer to the grilled cheese sandwich. Try Charred Poblano Pork Quesadillas for a dressed-up version made on the stovetop, or Baked Chicken and Jalapeño Quesadillas for an easy version that cooks in the oven.

Looking for a Meatless Monday option? Try a comforting bowl of Pinto Beans with Olives with a cumin-spiked salsa topping and a sprinkle of Monterey Jack cheese, or Huevos Rancheros, the classic brunch dish of eggs topped with picante sauce and cheese, all atop a toasted tortilla.

No Tex-Mex celebration would be complete without a big plate of cheesy chips, and it’s hard to beat the beauty of Game-Day Nachos made in a cast-iron skillet and topped with colorful assortment of chorizo, olives, peppers, and other toppings.

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