How to Make a Keto-Friendly Halloween Snack Board

How to Make a Keto-Friendly Halloween Snack Board

It's hard not to look forward to Halloween. And what's more fun than throwing a costume party?! But, if you’ve taken the time and energy to commit yourself to a diet like keto, you don’t want to get derailed just because chips and dip (and candy) are the most obvious party food picks.

That’s why we’ve created some delicious, keto-friendly Halloween recipes — and other low carb snack board ideas — to keep you in ketosis all the way through the Monster Mash.


Monster Keto Deviled Egg Eyes

Eggs and avocado are keto snack food paradise. These monster deviled egg eyes use a little avocado added to the egg yolk to make a creepy, but deliciously creamy green deviled egg center.

The thing that really sets these eggs apart though is the black and white spider web pattern on the egg white. This is super easy to do with a little time and a little food coloring. Get the recipe.


Crispy Keto Olive Cheese Crisps

Sure, tortilla and potato chips are off limits — but that doesn’t mean all crunchy food is. These 3-ingredient olive cheese crisps are super easy to make and will satisfy that salty, savory, crunchy craving.

Just layer sliced Spanish queen olives on top of grated parmesan and bake in the oven. Top with a little paprika for a deliciously creepy “bloodshot eyes” look. Get the recipe.



More Snack Ideas

Once you have a couple of Halloween-themed snacks as the focal point, fill in the rest with simple snacks. You can either keep these 100% keto-friendly or add in a few other snacks like crackers or fruit that all your guests will enjoy. Here are some keto snacks if you want to keep it totally low-carb::


Olive Bowl

Eighty percent of olives’ total calories come from fat, which makes them a great addition to your Halloween keto snack platter. Olive colors are also perfect for Halloween— black, green and red! Pick your favorites and combine them into a bowl or set out smaller bowls separated by olive type.


Now is the perfect time to go crazy in the cheese aisle. Make sure to look for whole fat cheeses rather than low fat options. Brie, cheddar, swiss, gouda and aged hard cheeses like gruyere are great choices. Always remember to check the nutrition label before assuming a specific cheese will be high fat and low carb.


Simple Olive Skewers

Want an easy snack with a variety of flavors? Make simple skewers on toothpicks. Each skewer gets a baby tomato, a mozzarella ball, and a black olive. They’re perfect bite-sized snacks and the colors fit the Halloween theme. 

Sliced Charcuterie

You don’t need to overthink this one. Go ahead and choose your favorite sliced meats — salami, prosciutto, sopressata, chorizo, capicola. Sometimes, deli meats will have a small amount of carbohydrates from a glaze or other flavoring (like honey baked ham), but those are minimal. Still, it’s best to check the nutrition label just in case.


Nuts are a good option, just be careful which kind you pick. Pecans, brazil nuts and macadamia nuts are the best choices. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts are good options. Avoid pistachios and cashews.

Nuts should be the last thing to add to your snack board. They can easily fill in any holes and look great spilling off the edge of the board.

Throwing a big party? Try making our Keto Baked Feta and Olives or Antipasto Skewers if you want even more keto-friendly snacks on the table.


Keto-Friendly Cocktails

Yes, this is a snack board — but if you’re having a party, you’ll want to provide drinks. Thankfully, most hard liquors are okay to consume on a keto diet. Just stay away from juices and simple syrup. Here are a few cocktail recipes that are a-okay for the low-carb conscious:


Um, how about some non-keto Halloween treats?

Okay okay, we get it. You probably have some party guests who aren’t on the low-carb train. Explore our Spooky Halloween Snack Board with Monster Ants on a Log, Spider AB&Js, Mummy Pizzas and more non-keto snacks.



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